How to apply ?

Entry into the one year Diploma in Nautical Science is only through written entrance examination and counseling session conducted by Indian Maritime University (IMU), Chennai . No candidate can be admitted to the course without passing the entrance examination of IMU.

Candidates who do not have sponsorship from any DGS approved ship owning/manning company/agents will have to attend the counseling session of IMU after passing their written entrance examination. However, candidates who have sponsorship need not have to attend the counseling session of IMU. They can join the training institute of their choice after clearing only the written test . Presently, the DNS courses commence on 1 st Feb / August of each year.

Candidates desirous of joining our Institution for the one-year Diploma in Nautical Science course must mention in IMU's entrance test application form our company name for Sponsership, The application form for IMU's entrance test can be downloaded from IMU's Website soon after IMU releases its advertisement in leading National news papers. These advertisements are generally released by IMU in May/June for batch commencing in August and in September/October for batch commencing in February.