About Us

NAMS SHIP MANAGEMENT PVT. LTD., based in Mumbai India, provides a new era of Ship Management with Comprehensive range of Ship Manning & Management services providing to the valued Indian Offshore, and ship Owners Worldwide. The company has at its disposal, Professional Manpower, both Ashore and at Sea, operating to Internationally recognized Quality Management Standards.

NAMS has a concise company policy and is committed to offering first class Ship Management Services with emphasis on Safety, Pollution Prevention and to providing a high Standard of On board maintenance at a reasonable cost to owners. The company is accredited ISO: 9001-2008, from RINA and RPSL Liasonse (RPSL- MUM-268) from Director General of Shipping Govt Of India.

NAMS has established its Own Crewing office in Mumbai since 2009 In addition, we have Our own Seafarers Training Section in CHENNAI provides Pre Sea courses to Our Seafarers.


Consistently provide services that meet or exceed the quality expectations of our Clients. Actively pursue continuous improvement in quality of our services.


We at Job House have committed to add continuous value to our valued clients. Our vision is to serve leading companies by consistently delivering superior value with the highest quality standards by undertaking a truly global approach.

  •  To be the BEST, by continually developing and improving our long lasting expertise. through innovative and pioneering   solutions, aiming always for. PERFECTION and EXCELLENCE in the ship crew management and operation of ships.
  •  Investing in people; we build hand-to- hand a world-class crew management company.
  •  To be one step ahead in quality crew management.

Our Goal

  •  To guarantee high quality and effectiveness of service provided
  •  Constant guarantee safe procedures of main activity and fulfillment of requirements of current quality regulations.
  •  We continuously monitor our performance and constantly improve our Quality System.
  •  As a tool to achieve our goal we have implemented a system of quality management which enables us to constantly perfect the process of operation of the company and quality of rendered services.


  •  Consistent with the company’s policy, the company endeavors to be a leading Crew management. Our management system and standards is committed to provide highly efficient, cost-effective and properly trained seafarers with all respective as per ISM, STCW conventions, what we can do best in our core business and its principal aim is to provide Total Quality Marine Services in ship Manning, Management, Technical Management along with Catering & Housekeeping with regard quality, safety, security and environmental pollution concerns for the our valued Indian offshore, and Ship Owners Worldwide in Maritime Industry.
  •  To keep our clients ALWAYS SATISFIED by providing them with the HIGHEST Quality, Safe, Environmentally Friendly and Economical Crew Management of their ships, in accordance with THEIR NEEDS and EXPECTATIONS and in full compliance with International and National Legislation, as well as other industry standards and guidelines


  •  To help our clients to optimize their performance by providing qualified and competent seafarers.
  •  To achieve it through continual sea training to our seafarers, and with establishment of a “team-working” environment for our land based personnel.
  •  To provide our employees and our crew an engaging, safe and fulfilling career.
  •  To be a valuable member in our society
  •  Transparency and constant growth of service value.
  •  Minimizing the principal's operational costs by increasing economies of scale through high retention rates, integrated crew management services and low ship's maintenance expenses.
  •  Long-term planning, through pools of seafarers, training and development.
  •  Personalized servicing and continuous feedback to both our clients, and our seagoing personnel.