Supply Sources of Officers and Ratings. NAMS has established their own Manning office at Mumbai. We recognizes the importance of having our own crewing source which has led to establishing our own offices in India. The majority of our crewing requirements are fulfilled from India & Abroad, where we invest funds for the training and up gradation of sea going seafarers.

Recruiting System, Crew Selections :-

The officers and crew are selected on the basis of their Competency, Experience, Good Health and their conduct record. Under our policies, only those crew who fulfill IMO STCW criteria are employed. This is achieved by an appraisal system.

Crew Evaluation System and Personal Record :-

We maintain a very comprehensive personal record of our officers and crew (both in hard copies as well as software copies). The crew is evaluated by the head of the department and Master on board at 6 monthly intervals and also by the superintendents during the routine inspections.

Policies of Crews Safety and Health :-

Company policy is to give highest priority to the safety and health of crew on board vessels. Regular safety meetings are held on board in which importance of safety is emphasized.

Drug & Alcohol Policy :-

NAMS has in force a policy for ensuring that the abuse of alcohol and drugs does not occur on board ship.

Kind Of Services

  •   Crew Recruitment
  •   Crew Manning & Management.
  •   Technical Management
  •   Personnel Management
  •   Ship Repairs
  •   Ship Breaking
  •   Chartering

Ship management

The best ship management services depend on the finest crews - which is why we place the greatest possible emphasis on selecting, training and retraining high-caliber seafarers. Working closely with specialist agents and the most advanced training establishments, we attract experienced, enthusiastic and disciplined seamen of all ranks. We then monitor training requirements and educate our crews in a modern, sophisticated ship management environment. For many years Nams Ship Management Pvt.Ltd has hosted deck and engine cadets as part of their officer education and training programs. As a company, wesponsor over30 cadets each year from India and UK.

Our management is committed to maintaining our vessels in accordance with the ship owner’s requirements in the safest and most proper manner, ensuring that all managed vessels operate in accordance with the international conventions of the IMO, International Labour Organizations, Flag State control, Classification Societies, and Port State control. All of our activities are underpinned by the quality standards of the ISM Code.